Case Report

Pre-pubertal juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma with intracranial extension

Salem Bouomrani1,2, Mouna Guermazi1,2, Souad Yahyaoui1, Nesrine Regai╠łeg1,2
1Department of Internal medicine. Military Hospital of Gabes. Gabes 6000. Tunisia
2Sfax Faculty of Medicine. University of Sfax. Sfax 3029. Tunisia

Worldwide Medicine 2019; 1(3): 53-57 | DOI: 10.5455/ww.43044      PDF


Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNA) is a rare benign vascular tumor predominant in adolescent and adult young male. It represents only 0.05 to 0.5% of all head and neck neoplasms. Clinical presentations of JNA are dominated by recurrent and unprovoked epistaxis, and nasal obstruction. More rarely other unusual clinical manifestations can be observed, especially in forms invading oropharyngeal structures and skull base. Headache and exophthalmia are exceptional. The JNA occurring in the pre-pubertal period can pose a diagnostic challenge for clinicians because of their often-atypical clinical presentations, and the absence of conventional radiological features at this age. We report an original observation of JNA with endocranial extension in pre-pubertal boy revealed by persistent headache and unilateral exophthalmia.

Keywords: Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, Endocranial extension, Headache, Exophthalmia, Pre-pubertal period.