Case report and Literature Review

Intraoperative Blood Salvage and Re-transfusion For Ruptured Ectopic Gestation: A Case Report and Review of The Literature

Bamidele Johnson Alegbeleye
Department of Surgery, St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Kumbo-Nso Bui Division, Cameroon

Worldwide Medicine 2019; 1(3): 58-67 | DOI: 10.5455/ww.302644232      PDF


Intra-peritoneal blood salvage following massive blood loss in surgical settings is not a very common event and may prove significant interest amongst clinicians in general. There is however a paucity of similar cases reports in the literature. Any blood salvage procedure perhaps may be a life-saving measure, especially in scenario where compatible homologous blood is not readily available. In view of the rarity of this occurrence and possible associated clinical curiosity the author is compelled to reporting of this unusual clinical event. We report the intra-operative blood collection and subsequent re-transfusion in a 22-year-old Cameroonian primigravida lady. She was hemodynamically unstable following massive intra-peritoneal hemorrhage from a ruptured ectopic gestation. Incidentally, the patient had early, prompt and was success resuscitation and intervention. She had an emergency open pelvic exploration and right salpingectomy with good post-operative outcome and recovery. The practice of intra-operative blood salvage techniques as an antidote to massive blood loss is far from being the reality in most clinical settings. With respect to cost benefit associated with using intra-operative blood salvage, this becomes relatively significant only when the blood loss and blood salvage rates are elevated. This case report elaborates the benefits inherent in simple intra- operative blood salvage program with an improvised Johnson’s blood salvage kits used in the index patient; that proved practicable, cheap to operate and service in any busy surgical emergency department and especially those within resource constrained settings.

Keywords: Blood transfusion; Operative blood salvage; Autotransfusion; Cost benefit.