Case Report

Bohn Nodules, a form of oral mucosal cyst in new born infant: A Case Report

Elodie M Betances, Sailaja Devagiri, Benamanahalli Rajegowda
Department of Pediatrics, Lincoln hospital, Bronx, Weill Medical College/Cornell University NYC, USA

Worldwide Medicine 2019; 1(5): 164-167 | DOI: 10.5455/ww.53728      PDF


“Bohn nodules” and “Epstein Pearls” were first described by the physicians who gave them their names, Heinrich Bohn and Alois Epstein in the 19th Century [1, 3]. Depending on the location of the cyst as well as their origin, the name differs. Epstein pearls, Bohn nodules, alveolar lamina cyst or dental lamina cyst of the newborn are some of the cysts that have been reported in literature throughout the years. We presented that A 3.63 kg baby girl was delivered by repeat C-section at 39 weeks of gestation. Baby has no issues with feeding or breathing. Since the lesions were so extensive and looking so ugly and mother was so concerned, we consulted oral surgery who diagnosed as Bohn nodules. As a result, the recognition of Bohn nodules, as well as the other types of oral mucosa cyst, is crucial for the physician so that the management is appropriate and the parents, who are often anxious about the appearance of these cysts, can be educated and reassured.

Keywords: Bohn nodule, dental cyst