Review Article

Workaholism-Approach in terms of behavioral addiction

Gülseren Keskin
Atatürk Vocational School of Health Services, Ege University Bornova.

Worldwide Medicine 2019; 1(8): 268-275 | DOI: 10.5455/ww.69905      PDF


Today, the concept workaholism is widely used term in literature. Despite this, it has not yet clarified the meaning and content of this concept, so there is a great need for further theoretical and methodological advancement. Workaholism is a form of behavior that is difficult to control and compulsive repetitive. Repetition and control difficulties components are also common in the behavioral dependency structure. I also demonstrate how psychological, emotional, and physiological aspects of the work experience reinforce a behavioral addiction. The important contribution will be provided in the treatment process by applying dependency-based psychotherapeutic interventions to individual struggling with workaholism.

Keywords: workaholism, addiction, mental disorders, personality